Every Accelerator Company has access to more than 15,000 square feet of shared resources. We want our companies to focus on technology commercialization and product development, so we have designed our resources to support these unique needs. We offer five meeting rooms, instrumentation rooms, copiers / printers, kitchen facilities, equipment storage rooms, tissue culture room, hot and cold rooms, collaboration spaces and more.

Product launch lobby
When your company launches its new product, we have built the perfect space to host the celebration event. We designed the space to support media, presentations, product demonstrations, etc.
Publicize your success by taking advantage of our digital signage system and posting your company’s exciting news. Every person that enters The Accelerator will see this information and get to learn about your organization!
Meeting rooms
Three meeting rooms ranging in accommodations from 6-36 people allow you to host a client, meet a vendor, or have a board meeting.
Shared facilities
Instrumentation, tissue culture and equipment storage rooms provide additional collaborative research space outside of your laboratory.
Incubated storage
The Accelerator provides resources to suit your temperature-sensitive needs with a 4°C cold storage room and 37°C warm storage room.
Shared equipment
You’ve got enough to think about. We help lift a burden by providing shared equipment, including a medical-grade autoclave, -80° C freezer, in-house nitrogen, DI water, ice, and more.