Innovation and Commercialization Park
The Innovation and Commercialization Park was established to synergize the resources of The University of Southern Mississippi with the innovative business community. Park tenants have access to the academic, workforce development, business, and research resources of the University. This initiative is built upon an innovation-based economic development strategy that provides a leading-edge knowledge base to world-class technology firms seeking high-velocity growth.
Technical Development and Testing
The Mississippi Polymer Institute (MPI) offers full-service technical and scientific resources for polymer-based materials industries. MPI operates the commercial development and pilot processing facilities within The Accelerator, where new products can be scaled-up to commercial quantities and tested for composition and performance characteristics. MPI offers a full-service testing resource for companies needing physical or analytical services, and provides expertise and assistance in interpreting test results.
Business Processes
Without sound business processes, even the most innovative technologies will have difficulty succeeding. The Accelerator provides access to a wealth of solid business resources via The University of Southern Mississippi and its expansive business networks, offering your company the industry expertise needed to help your innovative technology succeed in a highly competitive landscape.
Customer Sales and Shipping
When you're ready to manufacture and ship your product, The Accelerator's pilot processing facility and dock-high shipping bay will allow you to do so on site. Ship raw materials to our dock, manufacture your product, and ship the finished product out to your customer.

The Mississippi Polymer Institute

The Mississippi Polymer Institute (MPI) was established in 1993 with a goal of growing high-tech polymer and polymer-related industries in the state.

Serving as the industrial outreach arm of the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at The University of Southern Mississippi, MPI has played a key role in growing the state’s multibillion-dollar-per-year, high-tech polymer industry, and has directly assisted in the creation of thousands of jobs. While the primary focus is supporting growth of high-tech businesses within Mississippi, MPI performs contracted work for companies worldwide.